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25 Years Sewn Products Manufacturer | Tzung Jia

Based in Taiwan, Tzung Jia Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1999, is a sewn product manufacturer. Main product, including support brace, yoga accessory, laptop case, baby accessory and so forth. All sewn goods are produced with quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing and superior customer satisfaction.

Tzung Jia has professional production team and the best production equipment. From ordering, cutting, sewing to quality control, Tzung Jia produces all in the factory, providing design drafts, sample of products and mass production. Tzung Jia is integrity, effective and royal to customers.

Tzung Jia has been offering customers high-quality tack & equipment and sewn products, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Tzung Jia ensures each customer's demands are met.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What kind of service does Tzung Jia provide?

    Tzung Jia is committed to providing the best service for every client. Tzung Jia has a professional sales team that will reply to your inquiry effectively and efficiently. Tzung Jia provides customized service. We can help clients produce products with different sizes, colors, materials. We also have Hot-Stamping Machine and Heat Press Transfer Machine, which can help clients, put the logo on the products. If you do not know what kind of materials you should use, Tzung Jia will offer the material list for you to reference. We welcome the OEM&OEM project. Contact us to get more information.

  • If I want the product that you did not show on your website, can you produce it?

    Sure. We can produce any product that is by sewing. Tzung Jia is a professional factory. Tzung Jia can help you produce the product you want. We have produced many products that are not on our website, such as pencil case, handbag, backpack, bottle bag, armband bag, horse hoof boots, bike saddle bag, drawstring bag, etc. The only thing you have to do is send us the pattern or sample. Our salesperson will discuss the detail of the products with you.

  • How to place the order?

    Tzung Jia Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer for sleeve case, support brace, maternity product, pet accessories, etc. Tzung Jia has an excellent ability to manufacture a variety of products by sewing. As long as you give us the image of the product with detail (materials, color, and quantity) or provide the sample, we will quote the most reasonable price for you. If you need to make sure of the detail of the product, we can make a sample for you before mass production.

  • Why most of your products are made of Neoprene?

    Because Neoprene has a great elastic and great ability on water Resistant, Neoprene is very suitable to use on any products such as sleeve cases, yoga mats, yoga pants, baby bottle bags, etc. Not only Neoprene, Tzung Jia also can manufacture products with different materials. We also can help you make the products with functional fabric, such as moisture-wicking technical fabrics, cooling fabric, and so on. If you want to change the material, please provide a material name. We will help you find the material.

  • How many kind of fabrics do you make of products?

    We offer the Nylon, Lycra, Mercerize Cotton, Hook&Loop, and so on. We also can help you make the products with functional fabric, such as moisture-wicking technical fabrics, cooling fabric, and so on. You can also tell us which fabric you want. Then we will find the same fabric for you. Lycra: Spandex is also known by the brand name Lycra. Lycra is usually mixed with other fabrics like cotton or polyester. We usually it on postpartum belts, yoga pants. Lycra is lightweight and comfortable, breathable. It has great elasticity, moisture-wicking ability and resists the heat.Nylon: Nylon has greater strength and abrasion resistance. It also has great elastic recovery. That means this fabric can stretch to its limit without losing the shape. It does not wrinkle easily. It is usually used for activewear and yoga pants.Mercerized Cotton: Mercerized Cotton has a great wash ability and does not wrinkle and pill easily. It is skin-friendly and breathable. It is suitable to use for support braces.

  • What is your lead time?

    It depends on the quantity of your order. If your order is 2000PCS, it will need 35- 50 working days from purchase the materials to produce. The more PCS you order, the more days for us to produce. Once we receive your deposit, we will work to put you in the schedule and let you know the estimated completion date.

  • What your minimum order quantity (MOQ) and Why does Tzung Jia have a MOQ?

    Since, every project is unique. The MOQ depends on the materials, size, and color of the products. Therefore, the question of the quantity of your product, please contact our sales, and tell us the materials, size (Width and Height), and color of the products. If you’re unsure of how many you’ll want to produce, we’ll work with you to find the right quantity and price based on the factory’s efficiency sweet spot.The reason we have a MOQ is because we have sewing lines and we need enough orders to keep them busy 365 days a year. The main goal of a factory owner is to keep the lines full and the factory buzzing.

  • How about the packaging?

    We put one product in one polybag. If you have any requirements for packaging, then we will follow your requirements. We can help you use the color box for packaging as long as you provide the pattern for us.

  • How does Tzung Jia control quality in factory?

    We emphasized in the procedure of production and quality control. We check the product carefully before shipment. Tzung Jia is integrity, effectiveness, and royal to our customers. To be the best choice for clients, we are proactive and committed to our clients providing an excellent product. To ensure the equipment is still working and will not break down unpredictably, we regular maintain our equipment.

  • What does Tzung Jia manufacture?

    Tzung Jia is an industrial manufacturer of Tack & Equipment and sewn products in Taiwan. We have produced and designed Tack & Equipment and sewn products for more than 25 years. Since 2016, Tzung Jia has successfully expanded our brand, Kuloi. We have manufactured Maternity Products, Baby Products, Laptop Bags, Handbags, Wallets, and Accessories. Our business grows every year, and we are expanding the global market now. We are committing to new product development. We offer the OEM/ODM service for producing sewn products, such as Laptop Sleeve, Baby Carrier, Baby Bib, Maternity product, Pregnancy Belt, Postpartum Belt, Waist Trainer Shaper, Girdle, Support Brace, Knee Brace, Tennis Elbow Brace, Posture Corrector, Equestrian Equipment, Dog Harness, Collar, Leashes, Dog Travel Bag, etc.

  • What kind of products does Tzung Jia produce ?

    We produce kinds of product,for instaces,sport accessories,sleeve case,Equestrian equipment,pet accessories.

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