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25 Years Cases & Sleeves | Sewn Product Manufacturer | Tzung Jia

Based in Taiwan, Tzung Jia Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1999, is a Cases & Sleeves manufacturer. Main product, including support brace, yoga accessory, laptop case, baby accessory and so forth. All sewn goods are produced with quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing and superior customer satisfaction.

Tzung Jia has professional production team and the best production equipment. From ordering, cutting, sewing to quality control, Tzung Jia produces all in the factory, providing design drafts, sample of products and mass production. Tzung Jia is integrity, effective and royal to customers.

Tzung Jia has been offering customers high-quality sewn products, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Tzung Jia ensures each customer's demands are met.

Cases & Sleeves


Protect your handheld devices with Tzung Jia Protective Case(Sleeve) Cover
Protect your handheld devices with Tzung Jia Protective Case(Sleeve) Cover

Tzung Jia Enterprise Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan. We supply variety kinds of products for the customers, including laptop bags, support brace, pregnancy Belt, Postpartum Belt, girth, baby bottle bags, and so on. Tzung Jia has years’ experience on producing the sewn-products. Our staff specializes in contract sewing products that meet the specification of our customers.

Tzung Jia provides the various protective cases, such as laptop case, tablet sleeve, hard drive sleeve, and camera case. Tzung Jia use the high quality materials to produce our protective cases. All of the protective sleeves are made of water/shock-resistant Neoprene.

Tzung Jia has a great ability to mass produce and customize the protective case you want. We are willing to innovate and develop new products with you. Tzung Jia could be your best choice. We welcome the OEM and ODM project. Please send us your inquiry, we will response your inquiry soon.

  • Laptop Case/Laptop Sleeve - Tzung Jia can mass produce the high quality laptop cases.
    Laptop Case/Laptop Sleeve
    Innovation&Development New Laptop Sleeves

    Tzung Jia is a laptop bag manufacturer and exporter.We always use the best materials to produce our products. Tzung Jia has produced and exported a lot of laptop cases for many years. Tzung Jia has an excellent ability to produce the laptop sleeves come in different size, color, material. Tzung Jia can mass-produce any laptop case with the most reasonable price. We offer the OEM&ODM service. If you have interest to know more detail about the products, welcome to contact us. Look forward to receiving your inquiries.

  • Tablet Sleeve - Tzung Jia can produce various Tablet Sleeves.
    Tablet Sleeve

    Tzung Jia’s tablet cases (tablet sleeves) use top-quality material for products. Neoprene table sleeves provides an excellent protection for your tablet, it’s against dust, shock, bump and scratch. We offer various products. If you need products come in different options (e.g., size, color, material), please contact us and let us know specification. We welcome customized design, OEM/ODM project.

  • Hard Drive Sleeve - Tzung Jia can produce the high quality Portable Hard Drives Sleeve.
    Hard Drive Sleeve

    Tzung Jia Portable Hard Drive Protective Sleeve (Hard Drive Protective Case) is used to secure your hard drives, cameras and other devices. Based on years of experience in manufacturing Tack & Equipment and the products of sewing, Tzung Jia has full confidence that we can help the customers mass produce and customize the Hard Drive Protective Sleeve (Hard Drive Protective Case).

  • Camera Case - Tzung Jia Camera Cases
    Camera Case

    Have you ever miss the beautiful moment because the camera case is too big to take out your camera quickly. Tzung Jia camera cases are easy taking and keeping your camera safety. Won’t let you miss every important moment. Tzung Jia camera cases are lightness and soft. Tzung Jia uses the high quality Neoprene waterproof material. Neoprene waterproof material has a great protection and cushioning effect that can safeguard your camera perfectly. The most important is Tzung Jia provides customized and mass production service. We welcome OEM/ODM project.