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Neoprene Products Manufacturer - Kuloi

Tzung Jia Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1999, is one of the prime neoprene product manufacturers based in Taiwan.

Neoprene products design and manufacture for electronic product bags, support braces, yoga accessories, maternity products. Designed with quality perfection, neoprene products meet your high standards. There are neoprene products for waist, knee, elbow, wrist and ankle; yoga practice such as yoga pants, waist trainer, yoga mat and yoga straps, they are delivered with great quality and long-life. Electronic product bags including laptop sleeves, tablet sleeves, camera bags and hard drive bags for your selections.

Kuloi has been offering customers Neoprene Products with advanced technology and based on 25 years of experience to ensure their neoprene products meet each customer's demands.

Production Process

Production Flow Chart

Tzung Jia is an manufacturer of sewn-product in Taiwan. We provide the OEM&ODM service. We accept the special order request. To be the best choice for our clients, we are proactive and committed to our clients providing excellent product and needs.

Production Process

From ordering, cutting, sewing to quality control, Tzung Jia produces all in our factory.
We emphasized in procedure of production and quality control. We pay a lot of attention on every step, to keep our promise to customer.


Creating a sample is a necessary step in preparing for manufacturing. With a sample, you are able to test every detail of the product. Tzung Jia has professional sample malers, who produce and sew the sample products. Before producing the sample, The sale representative and workers will make a discussion first and then the sale representative will discuss with the detail of the product the customers.

Quality of Material

Before producing the product, sample producing workers and designers of Tzung Jia will make sure the material and accessory of the product, then quality control of Tzung Jia will check out the material and accessory. Not until making sure it is no problem, we will not start producing.


Tzung Jia has a professional R&D department, we emphasized in procedure of production and quality control. To be effective, Tzung Jia preventive maintenance regularly on the Equipment, to ensure the equipment is still working and will not break down unpredictive. Tzung Jia is integrity, effective and royal to our customer. To be the best choice from clients, we are proactive and committed to our clients providing better product and faster lead time.

Finished Product

We ensure our customers that each piece is like the first. By taking the time to inspect, we are able to provide our customers 100% satisfaction. Once the final sample has been approved, the product is mass produced at a factory. Cutting, sewing, and finishing are produced in large quantities. The production phase involves the mass production of the sample product and quality control before final delivery.

Delivery Requirement

Finished products are passed through final inspection for errors and measured to an AQL(Acceptable Quality Limit) before being packaged for delivery. Tzung Jia has cultivated a professional QC team to ensure that the quality of the product within the factory. We absolutely do not allow any flaws of goods for customers. No matter which kind of ways that customers prefer to delivery, Tzung Jia can help you with it.

Production Flow Chart