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Neoprene Products Manufacturer - Kuloi

Tzung Jia Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1999, is one of the prime neoprene product manufacturers based in Taiwan.

Neoprene products design and manufacture for electronic product bags, support braces, yoga accessories, maternity products. Designed with quality perfection, neoprene products meet your high standards. There are neoprene products for waist, knee, elbow, wrist and ankle; yoga practice such as yoga pants, waist trainer, yoga mat and yoga straps, they are delivered with great quality and long-life. Electronic product bags including laptop sleeves, tablet sleeves, camera bags and hard drive bags for your selections.

Kuloi has been offering customers Neoprene Products with advanced technology and based on 25 years of experience to ensure their neoprene products meet each customer's demands.

Our Service

Our Service

Tzung Jia provides the best service for our customers.
Tzung Jia provides the best service for our customers.

Tzung Jia is a professional manufacturer of sewn products in Taiwan, such as support braces, yoga accessories, Laptop Cases, Baby Accessories, etc. We offer complete service for our customers from procurement to production. We focus on what else we can do to provide better service for our customers. To fulfill our customers’ need, Tzung Jia has professional production team and sticks to use best materials and equipment. Our manufacturing ability offers quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing and superior customer satisfaction.

Quick Sampling

To be sampled quickly, Tzung Jia makes the sample by using our own fabric. If you want to use the fabric that is not in stock, we also can keep the purchase procedure for the materials as short as possible.


Tzung Jia has professional production team and the best production equipment. We have over 25 years’ experience in OEM manufacturing for various range of products, such as support braces, Laptop Cases, Pouch Bags, etc. Providing the design drafts or sample of products, Tzung Jia can help you mass produce the products.


Tzung Jia creates high quality original products for global markets. Tzung Jia has excellent design team which can turn your idea into the best product. With excellent design and production experience, Tzung Jia can help you achieve your goals with our wide selection of services and reasonable price. Our services ensure the process as smoothly as possible.


Tzung Jia provide custom industrial sewing service. We can manufacture the products come in different size, color, materials. Tzung Jia has Hot-Stamping Machine and Heat Press Transfer Machine. Therefore, you can put the logo on the products. As long as you provide the specification of the products, Tzung Jia will confirm the detail and follow your requirement to produce the product.