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25 Years Support Braces | Sewn Product Manufacturer | Tzung Jia

Based in Taiwan, Tzung Jia Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1999, is a Support Braces manufacturer. Main product, including support brace, yoga accessory, laptop case, baby accessory and so forth. All sewn goods are produced with quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing and superior customer satisfaction.

Tzung Jia has professional production team and the best production equipment. From ordering, cutting, sewing to quality control, Tzung Jia produces all in the factory, providing design drafts, sample of products and mass production. Tzung Jia is integrity, effective and royal to customers.

Tzung Jia has been offering customers high-quality sewn products, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Tzung Jia ensures each customer's demands are met.

Support Braces

Tzung Jia Produces and Supplies Variety of Support Braces

Custom Made Various Support Braces
Custom Made Various Support Braces

Tzung Jia is a manufacturer of support braces in Taiwan. We provide variety kinds of support braces for our clients every year. Tzung Jia has the experienced R&D team and professional production team to give you high quality products. The support braces are made with various materials. Our products are 100% made in Taiwan and have the REACH compliance.

Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from muscle ache. Not only athletes but also normal people. Most of them may choose the support braces to help relieve the pain in daily life. Therefore, all kinds of support brace would be in high demand in the world.

Tzung Jia can produce any kinds of support braces, including back support, knee brace, elbow brace, ankle brace, wrist support, posture corrector etc. All of the support braces are made of high quality materials. Tzung Jia always sticks to use the best materials and equipment on manufacturing. We offer the custom-made service for our customers. We are willing to collaborate with different industries and develop new products. Send us the specification of the product that you want to make; we will give the information and discuss the detail of the product with you. We welcome OEM&ODM project.

  • Back Support - Custom-Made Style, Size, Logo of Lumbar Support Brace
    Back Support

    Tzung Jia is an experienced manufacturer of Tack & Equipment and the sewing products. We produced sewn products for over 25 years. All of our products are 100% made in Taiwan. We insist on producing the best products for every customer. Tzung Jia has helped many customers produced the various back support brace/belt for many years. The back support belt in Tzung Jia is made of the best materials. Tzung Jia is dedicated to providing the most protective and comfortable back support brace for our customers. Tzung Jia definitely can manufacture different back support belts for different customers. If you need more detail of the back support brace/brace, welcome to contact us.

  • Knee Brace - Mass produce Knee Support(Knee Brace)
    Knee Brace

    Tzung Jia is an industrial manufacturer of Tack & Equipment and the products of sewing in Taiwan. Tzung Jia is committed to provide various products for different customers. We can help our customers to mass produce any product by sewing.Tzung Jia has manufactured and exported various kinds of knee brace, such as knee brace, knee sleeve, knee strap, etc. We have collaborated with many customers for many years. Tzung Jia welcomes the OEM and ODM project. Tzung Jia welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with different industries.

  • Elbow Brace - Tzung Jia provides mass production service with any kind of Elbow Support.
    Elbow Brace

    Based on over 25 years’ experience in producing sewing products, Tzung Jia has full confidence that we definitely have enough ability to help the customers produce any kinds of elbow braces. We have produced various products for our customers around the globe. All of the elbow braces are made by the most professional production team.The Elbow Brace in Tzung Jia is designed based on ergonomic by our professional R&D team. Tzung Jia is a professional support brace manufacturer and supplier. Tzung Jia has the professional designers and equipment that can help customer turn the idea into the high-quality product. Tzung Jia offers the customized and OEM/ODM service. As long as you provide the pattern or tell us the specification (materials, size, color) of Elbow Brace, Tzung Jia can help you mass produce the product.Tzung Jia pays a lot of attention on quality control program to make sure the quality of the elbow braces are perfect and durable. Won’t let the customers be disappearing with our product. Tzung Jia always offers the best service, best products, and best price for the customers. All of the products in Tzung Jia are 100% made in Taiwan. Please be free to contact us and get more information.

  • Wrist Support - Tzung Jia always uses high-quality materials for producing wrist support.
    Wrist Support

    Tzung Jia wrist support brace is designed to avoid an injury during activities, wrist braces will prevent you cause wrist pain while you are in a repeatedly motion. Wrist Support also provides support and protection, it is very comfortable, easy to wear and easy to move, Wrist Support helps you to alleviate the stress on muscle and relieve the pain. Tzung Jia wrist support are made of neoprene material and breathable fabric. Tzung Jia offers high quality products with various sizes and materials. We welcome customized design, OEM/ODM project.

  • Ankle Brace - Multiple Options of Ankle Brace
    Ankle Brace

    Tzung Jia is the manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of sewing products in Taiwan. Tzung Jia has produced and exported the ankle brace (ankle support) for many years around the word. Tzung Jia sticks to offer the high quality products, the best service and the most reasonable price for our worldwide customers. Tzung Jia has practiced sewing techniques and meticulous quality control on every product. Tzung Jia has full confidence to make all the customers satisfied with our ankle braces.

  • POSTURE CORRECTOR (POSTURE BRACE) - Mass produce the most effective and comfortable posture brace.

    Tzung Jia is a professional manufacturer and supplier of sewing products for many worldwide customers. Tzung Jia offers high-quality posture correctors (posture brace) for many clients. Our posture correctors are produced with strict quality inspection before shipment. Tzung Jia provides our international customers the customized options at the most reasonable price. “Achieve the requirement and make our clients satisfied with the products” is our main target. Tzung Jia is dedicated to delivering better sewing products around the world.