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Based in Taiwan, Tzung Jia Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1999, is a tack & equipment and sewn product manufacturer offering support braces, yoga accessories, laptop cases, baby accessories production with quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing and superior customer satisfaction.

Neoprene products design and manufacture for electronic product bags, support braces, yoga accessories, maternity products. Designed with quality perfection, neoprene products meet your high standards. There are neoprene products for waist, knee, elbow, wrist and ankle; yoga practice such as yoga pants, waist trainer, yoga mat and yoga straps, they are delivered with great quality and long-life. Electronic product bags including laptop sleeves, tablet sleeves, camera bags and hard drive bags for your selections.

Kuloi has been offering customers high-quality tack & equipment and sewn products, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Kuloi ensures each customer's demands are met.

Velcro Plush

Velcro Plush
Velcro Plush
Velcro Plush details
Velcro Plush details

Velcro Plush has high tear strength, it is Soft loop that decreases skin irritation. It is used to applied for supporting brace, equestrian equipment and maternity products. Velcro Plush, it could be repeatedly attached and unattached. The main advantage of Velcro Plush fabrics is long-lasting and repeatable hook-and-loop fastening properties. It is suitable for high-class sporting pads, advanced medical care equipments, and band applications requiring high fastening effect. One of the most commonly used in medical care product.

  • Ankle Brace with Stabilized Strap - Image of Ankle Support With Stabilized Strap
    Ankle Brace with Stabilized Strap

    Ankle Support With Stabilized Strap is designed to prevent your ankle injury in an activity. It is made of Neoprene, Taiwan Velcro Plush, High Elasticity Elastic. Tzung Jia is a production factory. We offer various products. If you need products come in different options (e.g., size, color, material), please contact us and let us know specification. The best of all, we welcome customized design, OEM/ODM project. There are dual supporters to help you stabilized your ankle, adjustable Velcro can be adjusted to fit your size perfectly. Dual webbing straps could support your ankle firmly.

  • Tennis Elbow Brace - Tennis Elbow Support Brace
    Tennis Elbow Brace

    Tzung Jia offers Tennis Elbow Support Brace. The Tennis Elbow Brace provides great protection and prevent sports injuries for the tennis players and golfers. All of the tennis elbow braces are made by the most professional production team. Tzung Jia always provides the best quality elbow brace (elbow sleeve, elbow strap) for the clients. The tennis elbow brace is 100% made in Taiwan. Welcome to contact us and get more information.

  • Dual Knee Strap - Dual Knee Strap
    Dual Knee Strap

    This Knee strap is fully adjustable and provides a nice, tight compression fit. The Knee Brace in Tzung Jia is designed based on ergonomic by our professional R&D team. Tzung Jia is a manufacturer of support brace. We have exported the knee brace for many customers around the world. The knee strap helps you to reduce the pressure on the patella tendon and help to relieve the pain while exercising. If you need more information, please contact us.

  • Thumb Stabilizer Wrist Protective Brace - Thumb Stabilizer Wrist Protective Brace
    Thumb Stabilizer Wrist Protective Brace

    Tzung Jia is an factory that help clients produce the different style wrist brace (wrist support). The wrist brace is designed to protect your wrist. Tzung Jia always manufacture the wrist brace with the high-quality materials to make sure the wrist brace has the excellent protection. Based on over 25 years’ experience in producing sewing products, Tzung Jia has full confidence that we definitely have the great ability to help the customers produce any kinds of wrist braces with the best price. Because the wrist brace can be made of different material, please contact us and get more information and the quotation.