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    Supports and Braces

Welcome to Tzung Jia Online Enterprise. Sewing Contractor

Professional leading manufacturer of Neoprene Support, Health Support, Computer Sleeves, Computer BagYoga Accessories...etc.

Cut and Sew Manufacturer : From Design to Manufacturing, From Idea to completion

Tzung Jia has experienced for over 25 years in manufacturing fabric products, serving many companies from a wide range of industries. Offering comprehensive service includes product development, material sourcing,prototyping, textile cutting, sewing, assembly, printing, seam sealing, and even packaging and shipping. We mainly adopt a foam and fabric made from the material of Neoprene to make kinds of sewing products, producing Cases & Sleeves, Braces&Supports, Equestrian Accessories, Duffel / Tote Bags an so on.

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Hot Products

  • Laptop Bags
    Laptop Bags

    Tzung Jia has a professional research and development Dept., we are thriving in designing and developing new products. We welcome customized design, OEM/ODM project,...

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  • Support Brace
    Support Brace

    Tzung Jia Support Brace Products, we provide OEM and ODM project, please let us know specification, we will develop new product with you.

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  • Yoga Accessories
    Yoga Accessories

    Tzung Jia pursues good quality of materials on product to provide best goods and keep promise to our clients.

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